Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Broke Down

There is a song by Texas songwriter named Brian Burns that has a line that goes:

"I don't know why the hell I drove this far, and I wish I could be back there where you are, but I'm broke down in Tulsa, on a cold and rainy morning, crying on the shoulder of an Oklahoma highway, hoping I can get home.."

Well it isn't quite that bad, I'm in a hotel parking lot in Huron, SD.  However the bike's  electrical problems have resurfaced, and she won't start, and I don't get any indication of any sort of electrical system or indication of power at all. My ignition key has been sticky for the last few days, so I'm suspecting that's where the problem arises.

I have Harley Road Side Assist, (sort of AAA for Harley owners) which will tow the bike to the nearest Harley-Davidson dealer. From Huron, South Dakota, there is one in Watertown, SD, which is 112 miles back the wrong way, or one on Pierre, SD, which is 119 miles the right way we are headed - West. In dealing with Roadside Assist, the nice lady, who stuck religiously to the script she was given, insisted that they tow it to Waterton, even though it's the wrong direction, because it is the closest dealer. I offered to pay the 7 miles difference. I suspect that HOG will get a strongly worded letter when I get home.

But right now we are back in the hotel room waiting for the tow truck to show up.

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