Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Another Milestone

Monday night I decided to take a short ride on Angus and enjoy the sunset along Alki Beach and maybe get an ice cream cone.  I'm talking REAL ice cream, not this vegan/gluten free crap that is being sold at the beach these days and seems to be all the rage amongst the unhealthy looking "health conscious" who drive over to the shore in their Prius.
It was a typical glorious summer night in Seattle, with an amazing sunset over the city and Puget Sound.  Surprisingly there wasn't a lot of traffic down on the beach and I parked and got a nice cone and sat and watched the lights of downtown turn on across Elliot Bay.   As I got up to leave and put my helmet and gloves on, threw a leg over Angus and turned the key, I noticed that I was a scant 7 miles from another milestone on this bike.

I bought Angus in October of 2005 from Destination Harley-Davidson in Silverdale, WA.   They were the only dealer in the state to have a Denim Black FXDBI Street-Bob on order and due in.  I'd fallen in lust with this bike in the 2005 Harley Catalogue and wanted one.   I think this was probably the first one in Washington.   I had them customize it with some saddle bags and a few other accessories and I picked it up with 8 miles on the odometer. 

Since then we've gone coast to coast and border to border and back again.   He's carried me down the highway in sunshine, rain and snow.  We've seen the coast of California and the end of the road at Key West, and in between on Old Route 66.   We've gone to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, the Mountains of Montana and Colorado, the plains of Wyoming and Nebraska, the deserts and canyons of my home state of Utah, and all over the Pacific Northwest.   He's been the table where I've dined on burgers and fries in some small town, or a "concrete" from Ted Drews in St. Louis, and the chair where I've had a nap in the shade of a highway rest stop.  He's listened to me laugh with joy at a wonderful road, and caught the tears I've cried when I've been sad remembering my late Father or lost lovers.  He's a part of me.
On Monday night riding back from Alki together we rolled the odometer over 70,000.   It's hard to believe that I've ridden him that many miles.   And he's still ready to run even more.   It's rainy and cool today, I'm doing some chores around the house, but I'm dreaming of heading down the highway astride Angus, leaning up against my suitcase, and wondering what's around the next bend.

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