Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Yet Another Reason to Hate Florida

On my last post about hating Florida, my buddy Dennis (menace3) commented that if I didn't wear my sun screen I'd come back the same color he is.  (He's african-american).  That just might be true.  The Harley Davidson dealer where the bikes were shipped is about 20 miles south of the hotel.   I said that I enjoyed the ride back in my sleeveless shirt, even though it was hot, and because it was a short ride, and we hadn't stopped for any sun-screen, I thought nothing of it.  Until I took my shirt off back at the hotel.  This is from 30 minutes riding back from South Miami.  It hurts like hell.   It hurts even more after the Bear Soup pool party tonite where all the bears had to touch it and inquire "does it hurt".  DUH! 

Well guess who WONT be wearing a sleeveless t-shirt tomorrow as he rides down the Overseas Highway to Key West.  I'm bummed.  I love riding with bare arms.


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