Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

It's a Business Trip...

It's a business trip.  That's what I keep telling myself.   But it doesn't really feel like "work" I'm glad to say.   Last week when we were coming back West from the Banff ride, we were headed down US-2 between Spokane and Seattle.   I'd ridden this stretch of road before back in 2006 with Tony when we were coming home from the Seattle Men's Chorus Western State's Tour, but at the time I don't remember paying as much attention to the ghosts along this stretch of highway as I did last week.   All along the ride back from Banff I was wanting to pull off and shoot subjects I saw, but I couldn't with a train of other bikers in tow and trying to beat a storm front home.  I vowed to come back.   Yesterday I did -- riding East from Seattle to Spokane.
It's "work" in the sense that the purpose of this trip is to find and shoot subjects for my continuing "Ghosts of the Road" photo series.  It doesn't feel like work, but I'm exhausted after yesterday.  The weather is glorious -- if this is "Global Warming" bring it on.  It was in the high 80s all day and wonderful.  The 340 miles I rode took all day, as I stopped frequently to take pictures -- shooting well over 100 shots.   Getting on and off the bike, taking the helmet on and off, walking around the subject trying out angles and views.   It's work I tell you!    It's going to take some time to go through and find the ones good enough to add to the collection.   But here's a couple that I know will likely make the cut.
IMG_7093 IMG_7091
This fall light and sky are amazingly beautiful, and the gold of the recently harvested wheat fields look like a carpet.   I've been experimenting with some color pictures, and while they look good -- they just don't have that "haunted" and lonely feeling that I guess has become my trademark if you will.   But I can't resist taking them anyway, if nothing else for my own enjoyment.
IMG_7117 IMG_7118
I'm becoming extremely adept at the "U Turn" on this trip as well.  Seems I'm riding along and I spot something out of the corner of my eye and have to slow down and do a U turn to go back to it.   US-2 is a lonely stretch of road between Wenatchee, WA and Spokane, WA running through the high wheat fields and plains of Eastern, Washington with scattered near ghost towns every 20 miles or so, and there's no traffic.   It's ripe with opportunity to harvest this Autumn -- the farmers with their wheat, and me with my camera.    The owner of the gallery in New Hope, PA where my next show will be starting in a few weeks got her shipment of images -- she wrote me back an e-mail that said "I'm keeping all the packing material, so I can send OTHER art to buyers since we are going to sell all of these."    So yes, I guess creating these is in a sense "work".   I kinda like this "work". 

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