Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

At the Breaking of Dawn

I was chatting with my friend Kendricx today.  He had landed in Portland from a long flight and I asked him how it was and he said the best part was that he “got to see the blazing red sunrise over the clouds from the plane – like the beginning scene from The Lion King – the Circle of Life.”  
Indeed he’s right.  I love sunrises.  The one above is from my favorite hotel in Las Vegas, the Red Rock, taken last time I stayed there. Sunrises are hard to capture with cheap phones by non-professional photographers like me -- the pictures rarely do them justice, and this one was glorious. Here in the Northwest our sunrises come early this time of year and they tend to wake me.  Often I’ll watch from my bed or my deck, and then head back to sleep.  

I think heading off down the road at sunrise is the best time on a motorcycle.  The road is quiet and traffic is very light.  The temperature is pleasant and not too hot.  The air is sweet and fresh, and you can’t breath it deep enough.   The break of dawn brings the  promise of a new day that lies out in front of you, beckoning you to find out what lies around the next bend in the road.  Riding across the land, smelling the breakfast cooking at the roadside diner and the fresh tilled earth of a farm field.  Watching the world wake up and start its day.   Tony took the one below of me one morning as we were heading across the country on our coast-to-coast ride back in 2008.
Sunrise –  a new beginning – the start of a new day.   It’s springtime now, and it’s the start of a new year.  In fact I think we should celebrate New Years in the spring, not in the dead of winter when the days are short and cold and everything is dead.  No, we should start the new year in the spring, when things start growing, the days start getting longer and warmer, and the promise of something new is literally in the air.

Our interminable legislative session finally ended at 7am on Wednesday – after a sixty-day regular session, followed by a thirty-day special session, followed by a seven-hour second special session.   The zero-sum politics that prevails today made things drag on forever and although we had what I felt was a good compromise to the end of the session, it took way too long and wouldn’t have if folks sat down and worked together to begin with, and it didn’t take a temper tantrum to get a seat at the table.   We worked all night and finally passed a budget at 4:45am.   We can all go home and get on with our lives now.  It’s sunrise.  It’s spring.

And what does that mean for me?   Who knows.  I’ve been thinking about that a lot.   What do I do with the second half of my life?   I’m gonna start the year with a nice long motorcycle ride, shipping the bike to Texas in a few weeks and riding back through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas, before heading West through familiar territory and my home states.  

Getting up early, hitting the road, watching the sun come up over the land, starting a new day, a new beginning.   Maybe this year’s road trip will inspire me to make my fiftieth year a new beginning as well.  Inspire me to write more, to create, to change, to evolve.  It’s sunrise.  It’s spring.  It’s my “new year”.  

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