Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Primary Colors

Speaking of movies. Remember the 1999 movie "Primary Colors" with John Travolta? It was somewhat loosely based on the first Bill Clinton campaign. There is a scene at the end of the movie where Travolta is sitting all alone, late at night, in a deserted Krispe Kreme donut shop. The image is very much like the famous painting by Edward Hopper called "Nighthawks". Its a very sad scene.

I had a couple of hours to kill this afternoon in downtown Seattle and so I thought I'd swing by a Krispe Kreme south of downtown along the railroad tracks and have a donut and watch trains. I pulled in but the "Hot Doughnuts Now!" sign wasn't on. I walked and the place was cold and empty, the huge doughnut making machine was off and there was only one clerk and a cleaning person there, and no customers other than me.

I got a couple of doughnuts and some milk and sat down in a booth and looked out at the gray landscape and towards the railway. What a change from 10 years ago when Krispe Kreme was the hottest thing and you waited in line and never could get a seat. When the first one came to Seattle I remember Tony got up at 3am to drive 20 miles to stand in line with a thousand others to get a box on opening day.

Now this place is as silent as a tomb. Is there anything sadder than a doughnut machine not making doughnuts?

So here I sit, much like John Travolta in the movie. Contemplating. Waiting. Eating. How sad.

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