Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Ridin' With The Dykes

Sunday was the annual Seattle Gay Pride parade, and Tony and I rode with the Dykes on Bikes as part of their large group, along with my friend Randy and a couple of other guys.  I did decide to go in the kilt -- despite the ghastly whiteness of my legs.   No pasties though, and an unbuttoned button-up shirt with the sleeves torn off. 
Registration and line up was from 930am, and the parade started at 11am.  The Dykes On Bikes Start the parade as tradition, and we all formed up and started the engines and revved them for a minute just to make noise, and the crowd went wild.     In the parade the practice is to take a three block stretch and form a "loop", where we ride the loop counter clockwise twice and then move up one block at a time with the same three block loop.    Since the Dykes are the first group the crowd is always very excited and it's great fun to see the reactions.  It was a very hot day, with a high close to 90, and the engines not getting a lot of air moving across them get very very hot, so it was a bit uncomfortable.  None the less, saw lots of friends, got lots of looks and stares, and more than a few photos taken.  I mean how often do you see a bear in a kilt on a Harley chopper riding with the Dykes on Bikes?!?  I managed to take one shot from the bike of the parade route and the loop.

However, about half way through the ride, while going into one of the "U" turns to head back, what I feared would happen did -- I brushed my calf up against the exhaust pipe.  @#&*#**@& I screamed in my head.  It hurt like hell, and the heat radiating back on the burn made it all that much worse, and we still had half the parade route to go.  I grinned through the pain, but when I got off I saw that a nice second degree burn had developed.  Hurts like hell and I have to wear shorts now since anything touching it causes severe pain. 

The blister actually tripled in size from the time I took this photo.  Pretty gross isn't it?

So rather than focus on that, I'll leave with this shot that was taken by a professional photographer who was shooting the parade and who was kind enough to email it to me.   That's how I'll remember the day -- having fun in the sun, hearing the crowd cheer, and enjoying the day.

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