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Guess I'm A Wimp

In my December column in QuickThrottle (http://grgardner.livejournal.com/54538.html) I described putting the bikes away for the winter, and how that made me wistful and sad. That apparently inspired one of my readers to send me the following email yesterday.   (Warning, I cut and paste it exactly as he sent it.)

Dude, came across a recent copy of Quick throttle and read your article. You gotta be kidding me!  "The bikes are lined up in the garage plugged into battery tenders, tanks filled with good gas with stabilizer mixed in? They sit patiently lined up like steeds in a barn in the hopes that every now and then we'll get a nice day to ride"??? I look back at the several thousand miles I've put on since that article came out and all I can say is, Dude you are missing out!  Me and some of my Brothers went across the pass at 14 degrees at 80 miles an hour. Whats that wind chill? Me and shit bag weather go together like peanut butter and jelly. I'm not trying to run you down but anyone can ride  when the sun is out and the bike is all shiny. I had friggin ice hanging down from the handle bars when we left a Birthday party down in Onalaska a couple nights ago.To pass vehicle after vehicle sporting HARLEY DAVIDSON decals while being blasted by wind and rain is a joy like no other. To ride down to the dealership and hear all the "I can't believe you're riding in this weather" comments is worth the free coffee. Yeah, maybe its a little bit of rubbing it in peoples faces but I can honestly say theres no better feeling than a smooth running Roadglide and shitbag  weather. What with working a job in a fragile Industry, the ol'ladys health problems, my own health problems, money being tight, its the one thing I can control. Damn, get out there and LIVE! Take care.
                                       BANDIDO Tabasco 1%er
                                             Tacoma Chapter
P.S. Its like that old saying, "Don't call em 'Bikers til you see em' ride.

I replied:

You made my day man!   Thanks.   You are absolutely right.   I’ve done my share of riding in shitbag weather my friend — got caught in a blizzard in Utah three years ago and rode 70 miles down US 6 from Vernal to Provo with ice hanging on my beard as well, soaked to the bone — got so wet the heated gear crapped out on me and I got a bit of frostbite on one finger.  Look at the picture I sent along.  I’ve done my time.  I got out a bit this past weekend though even though there was slush on the roads, just to get some wind in my face and get the engines lubricated and running.

Forgive my literary license...I’ll do my share of bad weather riding, but not something I relish.
Thanks for reading...stay safe and relatively dry my friend.


The guy’s got a point.  However when I look at what I went through that May in Utah, I think again.   “Get out and LIVE he says”, which reminds me of a quote from Patrick Dennis’ book/movie/musical “Auntie Mame”, (a reference our Bandido’s friend might not quite appreciate, but that’s another story)  Mame’s mantra is:   “LIVE LIVE LIVE!  Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!”  I agree with that sentiment – but not when it’s snowing and I’m on a motorcycle I think.  Yeah, Guess I’m a wimp.


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Feb. 3rd, 2012 02:26 am (UTC)
Great topic!!
I have to agree wit Tabasco. I ride year round on a WideGlide. I did break down and put a short windshield on to keep some of the chill off my core, but it still hits my frozen face. The only time I don't ride is when we get the snow and ice, slush is no fun, but do-able. I did leave Ocean Shores one day, hit 8 inches of snow in Aberdeen and it lasted all te way to Shelton, by the time I got to my house, we had 12 inches, that was NOT fun...lol

I ride because of the freedom, and the fact the bike gets 3 times the fuel mileage my Jeep does. But mainly because of the freedom. Tabasco makes a good point, when I pass by the vehicles with Harley stickers while on the scooter at 70 mph in the rain, I just laugh...
Feb. 3rd, 2012 07:59 am (UTC)
Re: Great topic!!
Thanks man -- you hit the nail on the head! It's why we all ride I think.
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