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Sometimes I feel like I am a Scotsman trapped in an American body. Sort of a "Trans-Scot" if you will. I really do. Especially whem I'm over here like I am right now. I have been in Edinburgh for a week and I feel so at home. I honestly could live here I think. Its so good to get back here, its both familiar in many ways and excitingly new. I love the feel,the vibe, the energy of this place that is so seeped in history you can literally get lost in it. I love driving in my little car with its right hand drive and manual transmission, although I instinctively still walk to the LEFT side of the car to get in and reach across my body right to left to buckle up. I feel very Scotish driving around the roundabouts listening to BBC Radio 2 on the radio, drinking an Irun Bru, an oddly flavored Scotish soda and munching on shortbread cookies. I could sit and listen to the lady who does the information announcements at Edinburgh's main station for hours -- she sounds a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire, telling me that the "0930 Scotrail service to Inverness will depart from Platform 12, calling at Haymarket, North Queensferry, Perth...". I've missed her.

I've been indulging my inner photographer this trip looking for some evocative angles using the "Hipstamatic" application on my i-Phone. There is an album of them on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150267204079064.327975.723149063&I=238d3d32e6&type=1

Feel free to take a look. Meanwhile I'll just sip a nice single malt scotch here by the fireside in the Four Marys pub and conjure up schemes to enable me to move here.

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Aug. 28th, 2011 08:09 am (UTC)
the link is unavailable for me to look access and look at your album, but i love the pic you included in the post. absolutely lovely it seems unreal! makes me smile that you're feeling good, G!
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