Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

More of the Wisdom Of Ben

My lil' buddy Ben's birthday is tomorrow, so I sent him the new 2011 Harley-Davidson model catalogue along with the customary lazy-uncle card and $10.   He needs a new catalogue  to smuggle into church in his Bible.  He called me this afternoon to thank me and then handed the phone to his Mom who wanted to chat for a bit.  It seems that they were filming a TV commercial today for Ben's Dad's congressional race.  Dave is running as a Republican in California's 11th District, which is the far East Bay and parts of the San Joaquin Valley.  And yes I have Republican friends.   Unfortunately they can't help themselves -- I once thought they were born Democrat but chose to be Republicans and we shouldn't discriminate against them, but now I think evidence shows its genetic, but I digress.   Anyway, the director asked each of the kids what their Dad had taught them, and Ben said his Dad taught him  "to get your work done before you go play".   The Director then asked "Hows that working out for you?" To which Ben replied:  "Well, it works better for my older brother and sisters than me."  

A boy after my own heart!  On a sunny nice day, the road calls before work does....  This boy is on the right track!

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