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An Almost Perfect Day - FINALLY

Unlike the title of this journal, we've been having the winter that never ends, rather than the road that never ends -- and June has been more of "Juneuary".  However Sunday dawned clear, and bright and warm (65-70), and it just cried out for a long ride.  So I rounded up some riding buds and we headed out into the sunshine.  It actually seemed kind of strange riding in the sun, it's been so long.  The Dyna is in the shop waiting for a new rear tire so I was riding the Red Rocker.  This was the first Rocker sold in Seattle and it's a head turner for sure -- but not the best bike for a long ride since I have no carrying capacity and a single seat.  It's still quite comfortable with a fat rear tire (on the bike, not me) and a soft-tail frame.   It's so long it doesn't take corners as easy as the other two bikes, but it's still a blast to ride, and it's very noisy pipes and crimson red paint get it a lot of attention.

We plotted out a rough course taking the ferry across the sound and heading up towards Port Townsend, where we had a nice lunch on the water at a Mexican joint.  Took another ferry to Whidbey Island and motored up across Deception Pass and onto Fidalgo Island and then back down through the Skagit Valley and ended up with a nice dinner on the beach where we were treated to a fire-boat motoring along spraying it's water cannons as the sun started to do down.  All in all a tad over 200 miles and it felt like I didn't want the day to end and get off the bike.    Not once was I cold or wet or stuck in traffic!  What more could you ask for on a Sunday?

Here we are headed west crossing the Hood Canal Floating Bridge into Jefferson County, with me, as usual, in the lead, front bike on the left,  (I just can't follow anyone!)  The blue stuff above us is the sky with no clouds!   It was a day that I wish the  road, just like the sky,  truly did never end.

"Little darlin' it's been a long cold lonely winter,
Little darlin' it seems like it's been years since it's been clear
Here comes the sun,  Here comes the sun, and I's allright!"

George Harrison - Here Comes The Sun

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