Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Yakima -- the Palm Springs of Washington

So exactly one short week after I get home, I'm back on the bike and heading over some of the same roads I already traveled!  Only this time I'm with the Seattle Chapter of the Harley Owners Group.  We've got a group of about 40 bikes that came over to Yakima to have a picnic and a ride through the wine country along the Columbia River with our counterparts in the Yakima Chapter.  In fact the route over here is exactly the route I started out taking to and coming home from Las Vegas!  It's still a nice run though, and the Snoqualmie Pass and Yakima Canyon are wonderful roads to ride.

I'm traveling with my buddy Randy who is the President of another motorcycle club I ride with -- the Border Riders, which is a gay motorcycle club in Seattle. (Tony was not able to come). Randy's expressed an interest in riding with HOG so I invited him along.  We met up with the Yakima Chapter at a local park where they had prepared a wonderful BBQ for us.  The Yakima guys are the praying-est bunch of people I've met in a long time -- they pray at the drop of a hat.  They pray over food.  They pray when they start a ride.  They pray when the end a ride.  They pray when a bike breaks down, they pray when it starts up...  They must all be related to Anell in "Steel Magnolias".  None the less, the food was good as was the company.  Here's Randy and me and his friend Erik.

After the BBQ the folks from Yakima led us on a 150 mile loop along the Columbia River, through the vineyards and wineries and past some of the big Columbia River dams.  We ran into a few light showers too, just enough to cool things off, but those of us from the wet side of the state were much more used to riding in it than our dry side colleagues who said it was a downpour for them.  We all said, "rain? what rain?" and after what I rode through last week, this was like the mist in the grocery store produce department.

We got back to our hotel in Yakima and went to a Chinese place for dinner.   Now keep in mind that Yakima is a very Hispanic town, so we were suspect about the Chinese place -- but no one wanted to ride after being on the bikes for 350 miles today.  I had my usual General Tsao's Chicken -- and it came with a very very red sauce and was unlike any General Tsao's I've ever had before.  Now it's 10p and we are back in the hotel -- bored and tired.  So much for the small town of Yakima -- the self proclaimed "Palm Springs" of Washington.  At least in Palm Springs we'd have something to do!

In the morning we'll meet up for breakfast and then ride back over White Pass and home to Seattle by mid afternoon.

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