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Last Day Of School

The Legislature ended their 2010 Special Session -- which combined with the Regular Session of 60 days plus the 29 days for Special, left us just two weeks shy of a full long odd-numbered year session.  It felt like it too.  They wrapped up at 1am after passing a budget and revenue package.  And while it's a relief to have it over, its also kinda sad in a way -- like the last day of school.  When you work in close proximity to colleagues, see everyone almost every day, have a "routine" that doesn't vary, it is really almost like being in High School again.  And the behavior and attitude -- well, its often a LOT like high school!.  So the end is kind of bittersweet -- glad it's over, but a bit of  a letdown in changing routines and not seeing friends and colleagues every day.  But after "summer break" we'll all be back again -- a little older, just like school days.

So I packed up the condo today -- loaded all the clothes up, cleaned it, shut the windows and blinds, turned off the water heater and all the things one does when closing up a house for the season.  The condo will sit quietly, and like Auntie Mame said about #3 Beekman Place -- it will "just sit and wait for me to come back."

With the Hummer loaded down with clothes, I headed down towards Capitol Lake one last time.  Rather than turn left and head to the office, I got to turn right towards I-5.  I'd thought about doing my usual celebration relaxation drive on US-101, the back way up the west side of Puget Sound, and taking the ferry home, but I needed to get back to Seattle.  Olympia in my rear view mirror makes me smile.  But my rear view is obscured by all the suits hanging on the clothes rod -- so the next best thing is a sign pointing the way home, even if it is a freeway.
The Hummer has XM Satellite Radio in it, and there is a cool "folk" channel that I love, and occasionally they play stuff from artists I've never experienced.  Last week they played a tune by David Mallett called "Sweet Tennessee".  The chorus goes like this:
There's a sweet song in my heart, out on this lonely road
It's like the sound of the sun going down and it warms me to my soul
There's an old song in my heart tonite -- someone I wanna see
They highway signs are saying its time to get back to sweet Tennessee

So I downloaded it on I-tunes (and thanks to their damn new "Genius" feature which says "if you liked that song, listen to this one..." and 15 songs later..) and put it on a CD.  I played it going home today -- with the highway signs calling me back home...
Sixty one miles back to Seattle.  Back to a pile of house chores and planning for a spring bike trip, relaxing, and kicking back.  And getting back in touch with old friends who patiently wait for the session to get over.  Like the song says, "there's an old song in my heart tonite, someone I wanna see..the highway signs are calling me back..."  And that's the best part about session getting over -- going home.

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