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Olympia Album #7

Sunday night, back down in Olympia.  With any luck there should be only one other Sunday night this session -- we are scheduled to be done a week from this Thursday.  Today is also the last day of February -- and it's 55 degrees out under a full moon.  Can't beat that.  So the Capitol is lit up, the moon is rising, and everything is reflected in Capitol Lake. 
OK, Ansel Adams I'm not, and this is not Moonrise Over Hernandez.  It's just a cell phone camera!  But I think you can get the idea.  This session has gone by very quickly, and I'm glad -- and nights like this make Olympia not seem quite as cold, unforgiving and lonely a place.

And there's just something about a full moon.  You can look at it and know that other people are looking at it too and feel a bit connected -- it's a very common theme in lyrics and poetry.  One of the best is from my favorite folks singer Garnet Rogers song "Summer Lightning" -- a thought that I'll send out to my friends where ever you may be.

Tonight the harvest moon
Hangs across the valley
I see the hills shine in its silvery light
It's the same old moon
That shines upon you
It'll light my way until I'm by your side

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