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Olympia Album #4

It used to be that this was my favorite sight on Friday's heading home for the weekend.  The Capitol dome in my rear-view mirror.  I even have a button that they once sold at the capitol cafeteria that says "Happiness is Olympia in your rear view mirror."   Tony and I would have our "date" night and go to a movie on Friday, and Saturday we'd do something fun, hang with friends, go out, and Sunday I'd work on client reports and get ready to head down on Monday.  And while I'm glad the work week is over and I'm headed out, weekends anymore are something that I don't really seem to look forward to.  The house back in Seattle is cold, dark and empty.  Tony has moved on.  And friends up there tend to forget about me and that I'm only in town a couple of days a week this time of year they and have lives of their own so getting together is more of a bother it seems like.  So I head home, watch a little TV, if I'm lucky I'll have Lucy for a few days from Tony, do the laundry, go through the mail, and then head back down to Olympia on Sunday to do it all over again.   Well, it's Day 29, with 31 more left to go...


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Feb. 8th, 2010 12:24 am (UTC)
for what it's worth: *warmhug* you've got people out in the world thinking about you...
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