Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Olympia Album #3

It was a wet, drippy day in Olympia -- day 24 with 36 days left in the session.  It was dry when I left my office for a quick walk to meet a legislator in the capitol so I didn't take my umbrella.  Naturally it was pouring when I came out and went back to the office and I had soggy feet all day.   But hell it beats last year's miserable weather.   I had to go back to the condo at lunchtime to meet up with a plumber who was there to try and fix the low water pressure in my kitchen sink.  Now I like to think of myself as pretty handy and an amateur Mr. Fix-it, so I'd done everything I could think to do -- check the screen and aerator, blow out the line, check the shut-off valve connection etc..and nothing.  So I gave up and called a plumber and set up a lunch time appointment.  Heading back home along Deschutes Parkway is a pond that sits below the bluff my condo is on.  Its home to some swans and ducks and is just serene and peaceful, even in the soft rain, with the ducks and swans paddling about paying no mind to the water falling from above.
Unfortunately they can do that -- be blissfully ignorant of the rain.  You and I have to contend with keeping our clothes and shoes dry or face being miserable all day.  Makes me wonder about those Native American "wolf boys" out on the Olympic Peninsula near Forks in the dreadful "Twilight" series, running around with only shorts on in the cold wet rain forest.  Maybe they are well insulated with those chiseled abs I don't know, and I digress -- but I know I'm miserable in this weather with my soggy feet and damp sport coat.

So back to the plumber.  He was an hour late, so I called and they said they had the appointment booked but "forgot" to send a guy out and did so immediately (nice that it's a small town).  He showed up and I showed him the faucet and what I'd done, and then he reaches up and finds a second hidden "flow regulator filter" in the line I didn't see.  Unscrews it, blows out a blob of gunk, puts it back on and voila water pressure.  Took him all of 10 minutes and that includes the elevator ride up.  It took him longer to write up the $110 bill (minus $50 for "forgetting" the appointment) than it took him to fix it.  

Well at least I know now where to look when I get low water pressure again.

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