Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

I Think I'm Going To Lose What's Left Of My Hearing....

Sturgis, if nothing else, is LOUD!  Innumerable bikes roaring up and down the streets, music blaring from the bars, and very loud bands like Areosmith and Toby Kieth in concert.  If I weren't already hard of hearing I would be now -- and I may lose what's left of what I have after four more days here -- but that's half the fun.

Andre and I slept late and then got up and went to the free breakfast bar at the Holiday Inn Express.  If you were NOT wearing a Harley-Davidson t-shirt you were a distinct minority this morning.  In fact I think only the staff were not wearing some sort of HD wear.  I insisted on washing the bikes first thing this morning -- mine was so dirty I couldn't stand to even sit on it, so off to the coin-op car wash we went -- along with 100 other bikers, so we had to wait a bit, and chatted amongst the folks in line as bikers are prone to do.  It took some doing, but we go the bikes reasonably clean, but not detailed.  At least I'm not ashamed to park on Main Street now with the other gorgeous bikes.
We rode down to Main Street in Sturgis and searched for about 20 mintues for parking, and then spent the afternoon wandering the shops and spending money.  As soon as we parked Andre (with his hummingbird metabolism) announced he was hungry and proceded to eat a hot dog smothered with peppers and onions (only 90 minutes after breakfast).  He also wanted to get a tattoo, so we visited several of the many tattoo parlors in Sturgis until he found one he liked.  In the process I decided, what the hell, I'll get one too -- better yet, I'll get two! 
So 90 minutes and much teeth gritting, pain, and a little blood later, I had the following two images inked on my left calf and right bicep respectively.  What's a trip to Sturgis without a commemorative tattoo?
After we got them done, and they wrapped them up in Saran Wrap making me feel like leftover chicken being put in the fridge, we wandered and shopped some more -- bought a few shirts and some gadgets for the bike and had lunch.  There is a ton of food here -- picture the Puyallup fair only with nothing but bikers for miles and miles. 

It never really warmed up much today -- the new thermometer/clock I got for the bike showed 78 when I installed it.  Last year it was 102 when we were here and so all I brought were short sleeve or sleevless shirts and only one long-sleeve, so I bought a couple of long sleeves and wore one as we rode up the mountain to Deadwood for dinner.

Deadwood is south of Sturgis, up in the Black Hills -- and a very nice  short 15 mile ride up the hill.  Damn if it wasn't cold though, even in a long sleeve and a jacket!  It's an old mining town, revived with casinos and reminds me a little of Park City.  We parked with a few hundred other bikers and wandered the town before having a nice prime rib dinner.
The ride back down to Sturgis was even colder, but it was short -- only 15 miles so it wasn't too bad.  We rode back down Main street and parked with my red LED lights on and hit a couple of bars before heading back to the hotel and laundry.   

And what would a trip to Sturgis be without a couple of tattoos, a few shirts, some new jewelry, and some cool gadgets for the bike, a scenic ride and a nice dinner?


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