Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Catching Up

I realized today that it’s been about a month since I’ve posted anything.  It’s been a somewhat busy three weeks since I’ve been back, dealing with a major work report, as well as a lot of personal issues to sort through and figure out -- both mine and friends.  Then last week a minor root canal turned into a major extraction which left me on the couch with ice packs and pain meds for a weekend. 

After getting back from the US-89 trip, the bike needed to be worked on, so it went into the shop for new tires, a tune up and servicing, and I was able to qualify for my 40,000 mile HOG Miles award.  It’s remarkable that in three years I’ve ridden that bike that many miles – gone border to border and coast to coast.   I’ve been trying to clear my work calendar so I can focus on writing more -- particularly this last trip, and thankfully all I have left on the major project list are my 2008 taxes.

However, as I write this I’m sitting in a lovely room overlooking Hood Canal, in the town of Union, WA at the Alderbrook Resort.  I’m here for a conference of fellow lobbyists.  Well, its more of an excuse to golf and spa and hang out and write it all off – but some work does get done.
I decided to take the bike – it’s remarkable that it’s only a 40 mile ride, even less as the crow flies – yet it feels like a world away.    I booked an hour long massage for tomorrow, and I expect to just sit and relax between a few conference sessions, and enjoy the company of my colleagues.

I took the ferry across from Fauntleroy and headed west – I love the roads along the Sound – they wind and twist and follow the water -- it takes a long time to get anywhere, and it’s a constant reminder of why I live here. 
Riding over here I got to thinking about communication and technology and how things have changed, yet almost come full circle.  My mother was a bit upset that she hasn’t “heard” from me in a few weeks – yet I’ve felt like I’ve been in touch.  What she means is that I’ve not CALLED her.  Like on a telephone.  I’ve chatted with my step-sister on Facebook who was on the phone with Mom at the same time and I said to tell Mom some things  I've talked with my nephew by text who talks to “grandma” all the time and I told him stuff, and I post frequent updates on FB, and text or send picture messages frequently.  But I realized that they Mom doesn’t use any of those tools – heck she checks email maybe once a week!

On this last trip, I was using an old-fashioned leather bound journal to write my thoughts and take notes, while at the same time using my smartphone to post updates on Facebook, text and send pictures of where I was to friends, and then updating more here on Livejournal.  Then I’d take the LJ posts, my text conversations, the pics I took, and write it all up on a laptop and use that as the basis for a book – which will be printed on paper and read by hand, thus completing the circle, but using a variety of technologies to do it.  It is amazing that the pics I take with my cell I can transmit to anyone in the world almost instantly – I can post where I’m at to all my friends on Facebook, and then let the world know later that day everywhere I went on Livejournal, and everyone can share in the experience.  So with all that instant communication, why do we often feel so out of touch?


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