Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner


I got up at 4am Thursday and there was a bright full moon out and it was clear in Seattle.  I thought I could hit the road, so I looked up the weather out on the coast and the radar was showing a big storm still camped out there off shore and since I was headed that way I decided to wait it out one more day.  The satellite shows no storms after this one.

It's rather obvious that I love to wander.  As I was repacking a bit tonite, I was listening to my I-pod and a song by The Rankin Family, a great Canadian folk group came on.  It's called "Roving Gypsy Boy".  I thought it was more than appropriate, and since I'm not feeling very creative right now I'll post the lyrics to that.  Know that I'll be singing it as I head out of the driveway Friday morning down to the ferry and the road west...

The open road is a calling as the day breaks slowly from the night.
The breaking of dawn, he stepped to the road, in the soft early morning he stepped lightly.
Humming a song to himself surely-oh, and all through the day he stepped highly.

He rose up in the East, and set for the West, traveling the whole world all over.
Searching for something that he loved the best, like a free-living gypsy wild rover.

He left the high road, to live on the low, and all different kinds he met there.
Plenty were the good folk, many were the foe, but they all were his friends when he left there.

There's a lot more to gain from his living than wealth, there's a lesson to learn with devotion.
Be kind to all others, as well as yourself, or you'll drift like a boat out on the ocean.

They call him the roving gypsy boy.  He'll never choose to stay.   
They call him the roving gypsy boy, a rambler in his day.


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