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Well, we had the first day of spring this week -- and true to form it sort of snowed.  It was a cold wet day, and for a moment in the afternoon, big-ass wet flakes of snow fell in the rain.  But on the bright side, the Daffodils are starting to bloom at the Capitol, and the countdown clock shows 31 days  - one month -- left in the session.It's been a very tough week emotionally -- I've had some health issues and a scare earlier this week when a pinched nerve was so bad I had to go to the ER, who, after tests for a stroke, a heart attack, and other malady's, sent me home saying it was all in my head and there was nothing physically wrong with me.  I suppose it was all in my head -- as it felt like someone was drilling into the base of my skull.  After talking with a massage therapist, she said my pain was caused by how I "carry my stress".  So an hour after that after a bruising massage, while I felt better -- I still have no solution to the stress or how I "carry" it.  The scary part though is feeling very alone sitting by myself in the ER, wired up to things, worried if I was going to walk out or not, and not having my cell phone to even let anyone know where I was.  None the less, in the long run I'm in good health physically -- my mental state is another story, and it appears to be manifesting itself in funny ways.   Well, a month to go, and maybe after that I can get out on the highway and clear my head and evaluate what roads my life will take.


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