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April 20th, 2012

Abandoned Places

I've been posting every now and then to a community here on LiveJournal that I found called "Abandoned Places" abandonedplaces  (Here is one of my favorite posts: http://abandonedplaces.livejournal.com/2470343.html  ) The whole concept of abandoned places is a fascinating one -- people just picking up and leaving and not looking back, leaving pieces of their lives to wither away to dust.

I was thinking about that yesterday as I packed up the stuff in my Olympia condo.   About 8 years ago now, back when I had tons and tons of disposable income,  I bought a small one bedroom condo in a high-rise building in Olympia as a place where I could stay during the legislative session and not have to commute.   Tony and I spent a summer gutting and remodeling it, and it's been a comfortable place to stay ever since.  But I really only use it three or four months a year, and the rest of the time it sits vacant.  In a sense, abandoned.  The session finally ended for the year last week and so I went down to pack it up, close it off, turn off the water heater, close the windows and draw the shades for the year.  I may be back once or twice before session starts again next January, but for the most part between now and then it's going to sit dark, quiet and vacant.
It's all there -- ready to use at a moments notice.  There's basic clothes -- undies, socks, jeans a few shirts, some shoes.  The bed has sheets on it, and there is some frozen food in the freezer.   There's dishes and silverware and a bottle or two of Scotch.  There's a TV, there's books, the bathroom is stocked with toothbrush, paste, TP, my prescription meds.   All there, ready to use when I want and need to.  But its also more or less "abandoned" if you will -- unused -- walked away from.

As I gathered up stuff to take back -- cleaned out the refrigerator of perishables, loaded up the suits and dress shirts, I wondered what folks would think if I never came back and someone came in a year, two, three, four years down the road or more.  Taking one last look around before heading to the foyer and the door with my laundry basket of stuff, I wondered:  What if I died on the way home to Seattle and never came back?   What would folks see, what would become of the place?  Would it too end up on someones post on abandoned places?

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