October 23rd, 2010

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I Miss Skiing

Another rainy fall Saturday.  I used to really look forward to the fall issues of the skiing magazines -- where they profile the new gear and rate the top resorts.  It would make for a great Saturday to read through them in front of the fire, looking at all the new runs and lifts at my favorite resorts and what new ski's and bindings and boots were coming to the stores.  I'd get all exited looking at the pictures and dream of going.

The latest Skiing magazine with the top rated resorts came today and the Ski magazine with the gear guide came last week, so I sat down with a cup of coffee on my counter and thumbed through them.  I have to say it hurt.  I miss skiing.  Its much like motorcycle riding -- I'm in control (usually), I go where I want, I feel the wind in my face, I smell the fresh air,  I see the world. 

I miss the winters when Tony and I would start off up in Whistler over my birthday and then head down to Salt Lake City over Christmas and ski the Canyons and Deer Valley and Brighton and Snowbird and all the famous resorts that land in the top 20 of the magazine.  Then we'd head north to Sun Valley, Idaho, the grand-daddy original resort where they play Sun Valley Serenade with Sonja Henie over and over on it's own channel in the Sun Valley Inn, enjoying a couple of days over New Years and then heading home to Seattle where I'd promptly get lost in the Legislative Session.
It was always a great December to look forward too -- the Seattle Mens Chorus shows, the ski trip, going home to Salt Lake, and capping it off in Sun Valley.   I miss skiing.  I've really not gone since Tony and I split, and I miss it.  These magazines make me miss it even more.  Unfortunately I have no one in my life who skis other than my brother down in Salt Lake.  

The weather gurus are calling for a nasty winter up here -- I hope it's not like two years ago with endless snow here in Seattle.  I have a new December tradition to look forward too though -- going to Salt Lake, maybe skiing with my brother and nephew once, and then going to San Diego, seeing friends,  and renting a motorcycle for a ride over the mountains and a few days in Palm Springs with other friends.  It's fun, but its not the same.  

I'm toying with the idea of selling the Whistler condo -- but the market is so down up there I wouldn't make any money, however it would stem the tide of cash going out, and I rarely use it anymore.  Reading the magazines gets the fire started again, but without someone to go with, I can't get too excited.   I don't think I'll renew the subscriptions to the skiing mags.  I miss skiing.
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