March 18th, 2010

PA Barns

Olympia Album #12 - Spring Sunset

Special sessions of the legislature are not like regular sessions -- they tend to be very quiet, lots of meetings behind closed doors, lots of private arm twisting, and lots and lots of waiting. I had some dental issues that kept me out of the office for much of Wednesday and I posted a status update on  my Facebook page, pondering which was more painful, dental implant work or special session.  My nephew Reid voted for the dental work, but I'm not so sure.  A colleague posted "A special session where you can't even tell if it's started, let alone when it will end!"  Right now it's definitely going into next week unfortunately.  There are 147 members of the House and Senate, and I'm getting 147 different stories, opinions, theories and ideas of what is going on.

However, the spring weather has been out of this world, and now that its Daylight Savings Time, its staying light until 7pm or so and that brings out the evening walkers around Capitol Lake which is the place to walk in Olympia.
I pass Capitol Lake on my way to and from the office every day. Its almost like any body of water, constantly beautiful and changing.  Olympia never will be home, although I do live here a fair amount of time every year, and I have a nice place.   It never really feels like "home" -- more of a transitory long-term hotel room if you will.  It's a one-bedroom condo, 800 square feet, on the 7th floor of the only high-rise condo in Olympia.  I can walk away from it for 6 months and not worry about it, and it's always here waiting if I ever have to spend a day or so in Olympia between sessions.  Tony and I bought it 5 years ago for a song, and spent two summers rebuilding it together from the cement floors up, and I have to say it's quite nice. Maybe because he never spent much time with me here there aren't the "ghost" issues -- only when I look at the pictures of us working on it.   The setting is beautiful as well.  The building sits on a bluff above Capitol Lake, if you look close you can just make out  it's pointed roof above the treeline in the picture on the left.  My unit faces west so I get great sunset views on these warm nice spring evenings as well.

I'm sad I didn't bring down one of the bikes this spring too -- after last winter and the fact this was supposed to be a short session, I thought it wouldn't be worth the effort.  After last night I realize how wrong I was.
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