March 16th, 2010

PA Barns

Olympia Album #11

The Washington State Constitution limits the Legislative Session to sixty days in even numbered years like 2010.  We started on time on January 11th and we started the office "Count Down To Sine Die" clock.  (Which means adjourning without a time to reconvene.) Unfortunately the state's budget woes and the inability of the legislature to figure out how to cut/tax or combine the both means they didn't get the budget done within the sixty days allocated.  So now despite a countdown clock that is reading all 0's, here we sit in Olympia.
It's known as a "Special Session" -- and it's oh so special!  NOT.  The constitution limits this to 30 days, but we are all hoping it only lasts a week or so.  Since the Republicans are not going to vote for anything other than an all-cuts budget, and the Democrats aren't going to do an all-cuts budget, the issue keeping us here is among majority democrats of the left and way left stripe who can't agree on how much to raise in taxes and how little to cut.  It's a slow and agonizing process, and is punctuated by long stretches of nothing while negotiators "negotiate".

The Capitol Campus is pretty though -- and somewhat aggravating to my colleagues who have allergies and the weather has been nice as well.  The Cherry Trees are in full bloom, and there are daffodils aplenty.  The grass is growing and is green as green can be.  At least we have something to enjoy while we wait and wait and wait..
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