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January 29th, 2010

Olympia Album #2

I drive over this little used rail line on my way to the office in Olympia every day.  I keep hoping one day I'll see a slow moving train on it but in four years I never have.   It comes off of a causeway over Capitol Lake and heads down this wooded canyon.  There is just something about rusty rails leading around a bend in the woods into the fog and mist that tugs at my heart and fires up my wanderlust.  A friend said that is  "a trait of a true Sagittarius"  Rails are much like roads, leading off into the distance, destination down the tracks, with something unknown around the bend.   I'm always looking down them and wondering -- wanting to explore.   This picture somewhat reminds me of a country or folk music album cover.  Every now and then I hear a train whistle on this line, but not often -- usually when I'm at the Capitol and can't get away to go look.  I've looked at satellite photos of the area, and the line serves an industrial park on the West side of Olympia, and then turns south and heads towards Lewis County.  It doesn't appear all that used, I think it was once a Northern Pacific branchline, but now it's operated by Tacoma Rail, a division of the City of Tacoma.  I don't know much about it at all, but I think I'll look a little more into it.
I've wanted to walk it for a ways, the woods it goes through are pretty, there is a stream that empties into Capitol Lake that runs along the tracks.  I posted it on my Facebook page and a state legislator who shall remain nameless commented back that "Having driven around with community corrections officers, I can assure you that to follow those tracks would be to find an encampment of sex offenders."  Gee thanks for ruining my little escape fantasy.

Sex offenders or no, rails leading into the horizon are one of my favorite images, and they pull me onward.

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