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May 4th, 2009

A Work In Progress

Now that the Legislative session has wrapped up, I'm planning my May motorcycle trip.  This trip has two main purposes.  First and foremost is to decompress and get out on the road to clear my head and do some analyzing of my life and where I'm going.  Second, to gather material for a book project I have in mind -- loosely combining this ride and my search for meaning in my life while connecting with some family history along the route.

"Planning" is a very lose term for this trip, particularly when it comes to dates and destinations.  My initial goal is to ride US-89 from the Mexican border at Nogales, to the Canadian border at Cardston, Alberta.  However, in order to get from Seattle down to Nogales, I need to spend a few days riding south through Oregon and California.   Naturally with friends in several cities along the way, they all want me to come by for a visit - which I'm more than glad to do.  However, I can't be specific as to when.

This ride -- indeed like all motorcycle rides -- is a literal "work in progress".  That in and of itself is the beauty of it, and a primary reason I enjoy  being out on the bike.  The total freedom it affords -- to go where you want, when you want.  A motorcycle trip is a work in progress, from the moment you start the bike up to the moment you shut it down because you can, and I do, change my mind as I go.  You can take a road, and maybe see weather up ahead and turn a different direction.  Or maybe you see an interesting sign telling you of something else down this road and so you turn.  In my book there is no wrong turn as long as it leads to more pavement. (No, this is not ADD - oh look a chicken....)  And as I said, it does tend to drive some people nuts.  I've told them, I'll get there when I do -- probably around these days -- just watch for me in the sunset.

Right now the weather in Seattle the next few days is calling for steady rain -- so I'll likely not get out on the road until Thursday or Friday.  Or maybe, I'll just ride off into the sunset when it stops raining.  After all, this is a work in progress.  Just watch for me in the sunset....

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