March 7th, 2009


To paraphrase Samuel. L. Jackson....

in his nearly Oscar Award Winning performance in that classic movie "Snakes on a Plane"...."Enough is enough!  I've had it with this mother$%&*#ing snow in this mother#$&*$ing town!"  Compare what I woke up to this morning to the picture from yesterday in Olympia.  For crying out loud!  It's March 7th!!!  This has got to stop.  Global warming my ass!  I'm going to go put 1000 miles on the Hummer today since I can't on the bike and the added carbon #$^&*ing footprint might just warm it up to melt this crap off.  This is so NOT what I need this weekend.

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    The voices in my head screaming "JUST MAKE IT STOP!!!"