March 6th, 2009


Half Way There!

It's a gorgeous sunny day in Olympia today -- it cries out for a motorcycle ride.  Clear blue skies, warmish temperatures, sun shining.  Alas I don't have a bike here in Olympia - every time I try to bring one down the weather keeps me and them in the garage.   Unfortunately it looks like it's going to rain the rest of the weekend, so even though I'll be able to escape here later today, I likely won't be able to ride.  It's too bad, because my emotional and mental state are such that I could use it -- and it's going to be a tough weekend.

On the left is a picture of the Capitol from the cafeteria this morning.  It would be quite nice if we could lobby from the porch of the cafeteria on a day like today, but alas, I have to be inside - picture on the right - in the marble halls (killer on your feet - thank God for orothopedic inserts), with the rest of my colleagues, whom I've likened to the "Hordes of Visagoth", as we stand outside the Senate chambers frantically lobbying members on bills that they are debating behind the doors on the floor.  We do this for hours on end -- and days on end.
But hey, on the bright side, as of yesterday we are on the downhill slide!  The countdown clock in the office is at 51 days.  The mid-point was yesterday at noon.  We also get onto daylight savings time this weekend -- so the evenings will be nice and long, and I really do need to get a bike down here for post work relief.  Right now I'm just spending the evenings pouring over my Harley -Davidson road atlas planning my May escape ride, and trying to keep myself sane.
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