December 27th, 2008

Wheat Field Sunsest

Off to Find The Sun

I woke up this morning and loaded up the car with my bags and stood one last time looking up at Mt. Olympus from my Mother's back yard, and marveling at the unchanging towering peak.  Other than family and roots, it's the mountains that draw me back to Salt Lake City.  No place on earth I know of has mountains rising up from the valley like this city does.  The city changes, people get older, and time marches on while the mountains just watch.   I love these mountains.  I know every canyon, every road, every river.  I grew up here.  I'm like a salmon coming home, it's part of my DNA.
I headed east and glanced back at the far side of the valley and the mountains over there before heading to the airport.  After a few days in Salt Lake City where it rarely stopped snowing (although this city can handle it unlike Seattle), after a week of snow in Seattle, I'm ready to find some sun and warmth. 

So here I am in San Diego California, where it was 72 and sunny when I landed this afternoon.  I've already picked up a brand new 2009 Harley-Davidson Street Glide and have mapped out a nice leisurely ride East along the Mexican border to Calexico and then North to Palm Springs where I'll spend a couple of days with some dear friends and some time riding around the high California desert before heading back to San Diego to turn the bike in and fly home to Seattle.

I've not been on a long road trip since Tony pandabuff and I got back from our Corner To Corner adventure and I'm really looking forward to it.  I need to get out on the road and relax, let my mind drift, and enjoy the freedom of the road and the motorcycle.  The forecast is for warm, dry and sunny for the next five days.  I can't remember when it's been like that back home!  It's only a few more weeks until the Legislative session starts and I won't be able to get away.  I need this trip.

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