November 19th, 2008


Bikers are Complex

It's been a stressful week, and Lord knows I needed to get out on the bike - it's been three weeks since I've ridden.  It was sunny and nice, although darn cold today.  However, as I walked to the garage I thought about it and at the last moment I decided to hop on the bike to go to Alki Beach for lunch with my friend Tyler tkdtiger at Celtic Swell.  So I got dressed in my winter armor...flannel shirt, heated jacket liner, heated gloves, big heavy black leather coat, fleece head gear, and helmet.  Getting all the gear on took 5 minutes, and the bike needed some time to warm up, so I was late to lunch.  Tyler was sitting in the restaurant already and I came tromping inside in full gear and stood at the table stripping it off.  He exclaimed "damn, how many layers?", which got me to picturing the  Ogre from Shrek explaining to Donkey... "you see Bikers are complex...we are like Onions!...we have LAYERS!"  It made me smile through lunch.
So after lunch, I layered back up, plugged myself in, and took a nice long relaxing ride back home.  It was quiet, both on the road, and wrapped in the head gear, (since we are in a movie theme today, the fleece head wrap makes me look somewhat like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein) and although it was cold, it felt good to have the wind in my face again, and to be free to just roam.  I was on the Rocker (my HD Chopper), stretched out, and enjoying my favorite "loop" around Beach Drive.  I rode for an hour before heading back to a quiet and empty house (Abbey again had locked herself in the closet - silly dog), all the time watching the clouds roll in from the west.  Rain tomorrow.   Tony moves out this weekend.  If the weather were nicer I'd head out on the road in my armour like a knight of old, chasing after the Ogre.  But instead I think I'll just fly off to somewhere in the sun and rent a bike.  I don't want to be here to watch him move out.
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