October 3rd, 2008


An Appropriate Metaphor

One of the big reasons, if not the main reason, we bought this house is because of the setting in the woods.  Of course woods means wildlife, which in most cases is also quite cool.  Over the years we've lived here we've bought a number of chain-saw carved bears that we have scattered throughout the yard, and its fitting being a "bearish" kind of guy.

Well as I'm running out to get more stuff for the IRS audit today, I back out of the garage and what do I find but a gorgeous red-headed woodpecker pecking away at two of the carved bears looking for grubs and whatnot.  This damn bird wouldn't even shoo when I stopped and yelled at it and just saw me sitting in the Hummer and went merrily about it's business pecking away at the bears. 

Interesting to note that my IRS agent also has red hair like the woodpecker.  I'm a bear like the statute.  The picture is quite appropriate, and a true metaphor for what's going on right now, being pecked to death by the IRS and they don't shoo no matter what I say.  Maybe I do have a sense of humor still after all.
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