July 31st, 2008

PA Barns


For as long as I've been riding, people have been asking me "Have you been to Sturgis?" "Are you going to Sturgis?" "When are you going to Sturgis?"  I never quite realized what the heck the big deal was until now.  We got here yesterday, and even though the Rally doesn't start until Friday, there are an amazing amount of bikers here already along with a ton of vendors selling everything in the world.  I've spent way too much money, got some cool stuff for the bike and some hot shirts too! 

The riding around here is fantastic -- the Black Hills of SD are gorgeous, and we took a ride up to Mount Rushmore this afternoon that was spectacular.  There are bikers as far as the eye can see, and like I said the Rally doesn't start for a few days, and then this place really gets hopping from what I hear.

And I splurged and had the bike wired up with some LED lights that will make this a head turner when we go cruise along Alki Beach in Seattle on a hot summer evening.

I think next year I need to come for the whole Rally.  I'm almost going to regret heading out of town tomorrow -- northwest up into Montana and towards home.
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