July 28th, 2008

PA Barns

What Am I Thinking?

We've been on the road for more than a week now -- covering almost 3,000 miles.  And while we took a two day rest in Minneapolis for their Bear Ball, I'm still tired.  As I was mapping out the day's ride west across the Minnesota Prairie this morning I was contemplating how far we've come and how far we still have to go!  And as we were heading down the elevator I actually thought to myself, "why don't we ship the bikes home and just fly back".  This is coming from me, Mr. Ride Forever, Fists In The Wind, bare arms in the sunshine, loving every mile!  I can't believe I thought it!  Am I on road-trip overload?  You know in the past when I've been on long motorcycle trip, we've taken a break for a few days every few days.  This trip we've done 350 miles on average every day for six straight days.

I'm realizing this country is REALLY BIG!  Of course once we headed out on the road this morning I forgot all about shipping the bikes home.  I really want to stand on the shore of the Pacific at Neah Bay, Washington on Saturday and truly say I've gone corner to corner
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