July 25th, 2008

PA Barns

The Other End Of The Road

OK, so here I am at the other end of the road -- or maybe the beginning -- at the top of the US, and the start of US-2 west.  After five days and 2,250 miles, here I am just across the Macinac bridge on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  We've gone from the bottom of the Country, to about the top, and are now headed West back to Seattle – but not directly.  We don’t have to be back until August 4th.  Time to wander for another week.  The road never really does end -- and as I always say, there is no wrong turn, as long as it leads to more pavement.

We’ll keep heading West on US-2 tomorrow – and could, if we wanted to, stay on US-2 all the way home to Seattle.  We won’t of course, but as you know by now, I find highway numbers somewhat magical – especially when I can connect them with a place that means something to me – like home.  I’ve been thinking of home a lot today – and to be honest, while we are having a great adventure out here on the road – the call of home is being heard faintly in the background.
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    I've Been Everywhere -- Johnny Cash