July 23rd, 2008

Wheat Field Sunsest

Breaking the Cardinal Rule...

In my book, any day on the motorcycle is a good day – and except for the torrential rain this morning for 40 miles in Kentucky, the ride today was quite nice both in weather and in scenery and places seen that I haven’t seen.  However, I have to say it felt “rushed”, and I think I violated my cardinal rule of road trips. 

I got this line from the Disney/Pixar movie “Cars” and I have adopted it as one of my personal anthems.     In explaining the love of the road and why the town or Radiator Springs died, Sally the Porsche says:  “Back then people didn’t ride on the road to make good time, they rode on it to have a good time.”  I firmly believe that.  But today it felt rushed – that we “made good time”.   Tony has some bear friends and chorus buds in Columbus he wanted to see, and I have a client who insisted to go to dinner, (which makes the trip tax deductible for me) so we had to be in a certain town (Columbus) by a certain time (6pm).  In addition we stayed on the same single highway the entire trip, and didn’t once get off to explore, find a cool place to eat or  a neat park or a roadside attraction.  We just drove -- and on a road that often looked and felt like a freeway too, despite it being a US-highway.  You all know how I HATE freeways, and only take them if I have to.  We just drove and drove – and while I saw some interesting things, we didn’t stop, we ate at an Arby’s, and we didn’t once get off of US-23.  I didn’t even write down directions on a yellow sticky note for the windshield!  The hotel in Columbus is right off of US-23.  We didn’t even meet any interesting people to liven up the trip!

That won’t happen tomorrow.  I’m vowing to work our way up to Michigan via back roads, and not even aim for a city to stop in – just ride until we get tired and start looking for a place.  Not riding for 375 miles on a road like this...

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