Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Merry Christmas!

Late last night I drove to downtown Salt Lake City to walk around and look at the lights and see the decorations.  Temple Square, the Mormon equivalent to the Vatican and St. Peter's was lit up as usual and quite pretty.  When I was a kid we'd make the trip in to town around my birthday and see Santa at an old department store that doesn't exist anymore, then walk down to look at the lights at Temple Square and go to dinner at a sit down inside waitress served Kentucky Fried Chicken!  (As an aside, the first KFC restaurant was opened in Salt Lake City, and it's still here, though the sit-down restaurant ones are gone.)  Even with a poor cell phone camera I was able to capture the beauty of Christmas Eve at Temple Square last night. 

There is nothing like being in your childhood home for Christmas to make you feel almost like a little kid again.  Mom keeps trying to feed me, Grandma hugs me, the neighbors all stop by to exchange plates of cookies and candies (my God I'm going to get fat!), and you see things that remind you of childhood - from trees in the yard, to stores and businesses. and in my case in Salt Lake, the mountains rising above the city.  And sometimes you even find an old toy or something your family still has that brings back a ton of memories.  My brother has my late Father's old fishing pole mounted above one of his doors -- and some of my old metal Tonka toys too!  Seeing those things, and being around the people you grew up with allows you to think back and focus on happier times in your life and for a moment, forget about the sad ones.

I want to wish all my friends, readers, and commentators in Live Journal Land a very Merry Christmas -- and to say how grateful I am for all your support this past year.  Your advice, your counsel, and your encouragement in these trying times have meant a lot to me.  I truly am grateful to my many friends from here, and I wish you all the best for Christmas and for 2009.

Gary R. Gardner


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