Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

Damn Snow

It's been dumping snow all day -- I've got a good 5 inches in the driveway.  I did not move to Seattle to have this much snow.  This reminds me of a Utah style snow storm.

The dumping is kind of appropriate though, as I'm feeling rather dumped on today.  The IRS audit finished up yesterday.  I freely admitted my errors, and owned up to owing taxes for 05 and 06, mainly because I had a client fail to send me a 1099 form, and the client sent it to the IRS five months late and not to me.  Had I gotten the 1099 I would have filed an amended return and probably avoided all of this.  What really is the kicker is that they IRS is assessing nearly $11,000 in penalties.  I've already appealed to one level and been denied, so I'll appeal it again up -- I have nothing to lose, as I'm only appealing the penalty.  Being penalized because someone didn't send me the proper form -- especially to the tune of $11,000 is grossly unfair in my book. The actual tax owed I'm not disputing, although suffice to say it's also in the five figure range, and it will take me a while to pay up.  I'm going to delay paying so at least I don't pay the corrupt, immoral and unethical Bush administration the funds (like it really matters.)  At least it's over,  after six months, well over $2,000 in compliance costs for copying and research and accountants (all of which is NOT tax deductible either)  I'm pretty angry at myself for letting this happen -- I guess I'll have to chalk it up to an expensive lesson learned.

However, last night I dreamed again of just doing an Atlas Shrugged move -- selling everything and riding off into the sunset for as long as the money holds out.  Waking up to a dump of a snow storm didn't help either.

Damn snow, damn IRS, damn everything....


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