Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

The Quiet Of Autumn

Autumn is for the most part, one of my favorite seasons.  I love the cooler air, the changing leaves, the smell of woodsmoke, getting to wear sweaters, sitting outside in the hot tub under the stars or in front of the fire reading a book.  The one big drawback is that I can't get out and ride like I want to.  Not that my life revolves around riding -- although I suspect many people who read this think it does.  True, I can hit the road in the Hummer, crank up the tunes and enjoy the ride -- and now that gas is back to $2.15 and it doesn't cost me $120 to fill the tank, that is in an option.  But it isn't the bike, and the freedom that comes with it.  Its just not the same.  The bikes don't like it either.  In the summer they start right up, in the winter, with weeks between riding, they sputter and backfire like waking from a long sleep.  The weather is projected to be somewhat nice this weekend -- and perhaps I'll be able to get out for a long head clearing ride.  Lord knows I need it.   It's the last weekend Tony will be at the house, and I've got the IRS back in again later in the week, and work is really picking up before the Legislative session starts in January.  I hope I can get through the next couple of weeks.  

This is a poem by Barbara Dickson called "Long and Lonely Winter".  I see myself as the traveler in the second verse.

Summer comes October 
The green becomes the brown 
The leaves will all be red and gold 
Before they touch the ground 
Before they touch the ground, my dear 
Before they touch the ground 
The long and lonely winter will be here 
The traveller has left the road 
So very long and still 
And the sun will wait till the winter through 
Before he leaves the hill 
Before he leaves the hill, my dear 
Before he leaves the hill 
The long and lonely winter will be here 
Summer comes October 
A season here and gone 
And very little time to lose 
Before the day is done 
Before the day is done, my dear 
Before the day is done 
The long and lonely winter will be here 

Fall also signifies the end of the year is coming soon.  Like the last chapter in a book.  Indeed it's hard to believe that its nearly Thanksgiving.  The end of the year is also the time to take stock of one's life, and to reflect on the past year.  Needless to say this past year, although there are some high spots, in retrospect it is one I'd just as soon forget and if I could do some things differently.  I'm hoping that 2009 will be better, and that I'll open up some brand new doors, and find the strength to close the ones left behind.  We'll see.  It will be a long and lonely winter though.


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