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The Road And the Radio

I've been driving around in the rain tonite in the Hummer listening to CDs.  I know it's rather cliche' to post song lyrics, but sometimes its appropriate, especially when one's mind is cluttered -- someone else can capture perfectly how you feel, and it's why songs mean so much to people.  Kenny Chesney captured me perfectly with The Road and The Radio:

Ain't nothing out here but me, the road and the radio
Looking for an exit and a song that I might know
Counting down the memories and adding up the miles
Searching for a feeling I ain't felt in a while

Clarity and inspiration
Happiness is a destination that's hard to find
It may take some time
But in my mind there's something more
And I'll open up a brand new door
And find the strength to close the ones I left behind
And I'll get there leanin' on some friends I know:
The road and the radio

Spent the night in Carolina, got up early out of bed
Bought a Red Bull and a road map and a old Stones cassette
Setting my sights south bound, no reason or rhyme
Threw up a prayer just lookin', just lookin' for a sign

By the time I got home tonite it's started to clear, an we gained an hour of time with the switch back to Standard Time.  With Tony gone, there's no reason to stay.  I could change the last verse to go like this: "Spent the night in Seattle, got up early out of bed.  Bought a Starbucks and a road map and a Stan Rogers cassette".  Maybe I'll do just that.

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