Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

The Road and the Sea

Both the road and the sea are often used as visual metaphors in poetry and in writing.  I also like crossroads for the same reason, and have used that imagery often.

My good friend Garland garlandj wrote a nice poem he was kind enough to share with me, and allow me to modify a bit to change the imagery from the sea to the road.  I have no skills in poetry at all, and I'm envious of those who do.  Here is my modified version.  Thanks Garland...

When I go through big life changes I tend to find myself always drawn to the road.
I went for a ride down the road today to cast away my cares and concerns.
The road does not mind.  It was here long before I arrived and will be here long after I am gone.
I went down the road today.

Garlands' version, and other poems by him are on

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