Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

The Open Road is Callin'

It's been ten days since I last posted -- and 12 days since returning from the Corner To Corner trip.  It's not been a great ten days I have to admit.  It's been very hard to get back into the grind of politics, clients, issues, and life not moving down the road.  I've also had a bad cold from the last day of the big ride that has lingered until today.  Add to that the damn IRS has decided to audit me for 2005 and the audit notice was the first thing I found in the mail after returning from the long ride.  So on top of work, which is no longer enjoyable, I have been worried about the IRS audit and complying with all their demands and afraid of about how nit-picky they will be.

So when the opportunity to go for a long ride today with the Border Riders came up, I jumped at it.  Getting out on the bike today felt do damn good I could hardly stand it.  It was warm -- in the 90s today -- and even though much of the ride was on the freeway, the fact that I was in control of my forward movement, that I was riding - my bare arms in the sun and my fists in the air, made a world of difference.  I was able to forget, for a time, about work, about clients, about the IRS.  The club was camping out at Lewis and Clark State Park in a grove of old-growth forest where it was cool and wonderful.  We spent the afternoon lounging around, chatting with old friends, and making new ones, and all rode off to a nice place for a fantastic prime rib dinner.  I truly hated to leave, but the dogs were home alone.

Coming back home tonite there was a glorious sunset -- fire red with a tangerine glow, fading to a deep indigo blue.  The temperature was perfect for a night ride, and all I could hear in my head was the road calling to me.  Riding up I-5 from Chehalis to Seattle I wanted to head west on US-12 or South on US-101, or east on WA-410.  Anywhere but back up I-5 to Seattle and to real life.  I so much want to just say a big "f-you!" to the world and ride off into that sunset as long for as the money holds out. 

But I cant...

I have a new mantra though -- "on a motorcycle there is only one kind of destination you're looking for -- one that never comes."  If only I could make that a true statement.

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