Gary Gardner (grgardner) wrote,
Gary Gardner

The Man With The Wandering Soul

I must confess I have a wandering soul I suppose.  I always have, and I attribute some of that to my parents who were thoughtful enough as I was growing up to take us someplace in the car or the camper nearly every week.  This is one of the greatest gifts they gave me – to not be afraid to see what’s up around the next bend and to love travel. And  I suppose as well that it could be considered a curse.

After leaving Cape Flattery, heading down US-101 we got to a junction where US-101 continues south, ultimately to the Mexican Border south of San Diego, and we had to turn on WA-104 over the Hood Canal Bridge and towards Seattle and home.  I thought “hey, lets just turn south and ride down the coast to San Diego”. 

There is a song by singer-songwriter Randall Williams called “The Man With The Wandering Soul” which is about a sailor and his love for the sea and how it affects his family.  I suppose you could change it to someone like me who loves the road…

“You were not his first love, he was seduced by the sea air on his skin, as a young man he promised his heart to Aurora Borealis and the stars.   May you never be the widow of the man, with the wandering soul.”

I have that wandering soul, and after a day of catching up on a mountain of mail, and phone calls and things around the house, and making an appointment for work on the bike tomorrow at the HD Dealer, I’m itching to get back on the road.   

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